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I am very happy  that my former colleagues from Disney Animation Studios brought out a technical paper on Flesh, Flab and Fascia Simulation on Zootopia on this years SIGGRAPH.  It was a pleasure to work with a such talented people and such interesting technology. I had the pleasure to create the tech anim look of […]

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Since last November I have the honor to work at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California as a Character TD Apprentice. Now I can finally share the first sneak peak of the film that I am working on.  It’s a great learning opportunity for me and a lot of fun to work on! […]

Final Ecorche!
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I can finally present the final state of my ecorché. For me it was a very good training in order to get a much deeper understanding of the human proportion, the function as well as the distingt form of the humun muscles and the sceleton. Especially in the end it was very interesting to see […]

muscles of the upper arm
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Since this exercise is just focusing on the human torso, just a section of the upper arm is modelled. Therefore it was much more challenging to derive the right proportions for the biceps and triceps without a visual feedback of the whole muscles. In addition to the arm I started working on the neck and […]

first plan for tentacle rig
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This year I can finally start working “fulltime” on my arctic octopus project and other rigging exercises. Since the tentacles of an octopus are the crucial point for a good working rig, I decided to start here. I definitly don’t intend to build the same rig eight times manually, so the process of building a […]