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Maya Muscle and custom dynamic correctives for shoulder setup test

For a few weeks now, I am working on my diploma thesis titled: “A comparison of classic and physical based  deformation methods for skin and soft tissue “.

It is a great opportunity for me to get a much deeper impression of the mathematical and theoretical background of standard and advanced techniques of good deformation setups. In order to find profound criteria to compare the different techniques, I examined the biomechanical properties of skin as well as the aesthetical and technical requirements for  highend productions.

Furthermore I wanted to examine my theoretical thougthts on a practical example, in order to see advantages or disadvantages of certain techniques in a working situation.  Since the clavicle and shoulder area is a very mobile and complex deformation area and shows a variaty of typical deformation issues, such as skin sliding, collision and muscle deformation, a practical test on this region was quite suited for my thesis.

I used methods such as a standard skin clusters and static Pose Space Deformers representing classical techniques, and maya nCloth as example for a phyiscal based technique. Furthermore examined Maya Muscle, wich was in terms of Muscle deformation the most effective tool, but lacked very soon a good performance. In addition the skin sliding option did not work very well. So I decided to work with additional corrective Blendshapes and cache the result for a number of poses out. Since Maya does not have a dynamic PSD included, I reconstructed the system manually, and I am planing on writing a proper script for that setup. For me, working with dynamic PSDs was  the best way of combining good deformations with an acceptable performance for transformation based deformations. Nevertheless building a proper driver setup for the PSDs can be quite difficult and using euler rotations as drivers can lead to serious deformation problems. Thus a vector based driver setups are much more suited for that deformation area.

In the future I want work on a test combining Maya Muscle and nCloth as basics for dynamic PSDs in order to create even more accurate deformations. In this case a much more detailed topology would be needed was well.



Muscle and Deformation Setup: Esther Trilsch

Skeleton: Geometry & Rig ©Suntoucher Labs



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