first plan for tentacle rig
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first plan for tentacle rig

This year I can finally start working “fulltime” on my arctic octopus project and other rigging exercises. Since the tentacles of an octopus are the crucial point for a good working rig, I decided to start here. I definitly don’t intend to build the same rig eight times manually, so the process of building a complete autor rig will be exiting and challenging. My scripting libary covers just a few rudiments of this rigging process, so that I will build up allmost all  needed modules from scretch. Before I start to get to the scripting process I need a working reference with a detailed documentation of the rigging setup. This reference will be set up manually.

In order to create a proper working reference I first need to define the requirements for animation and deformation. For me it is always best to start with some research of real octopus movements . In the second stage it is very helpful to look for other digital characters and their set ups, such as the main characters from the shortfilms “Octapodi” and “Hooked” or “David Jones” from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I concluded, that I need a mixture of simulation, and manual control, whereby the influence of the simulation must be easily controlled. In terms of the manual control, a combination of IK spline and FK is needed. Furthermore I realised that it is very usefull to use two spline IK s. One for the “arm” and one for the tip of the tentacle, the “hand”. I decided as well, that I want to build a “lokal twist and scale option”. This means that an one can twist or scale just a portion of the arm. The portion and the grading to the not deformed rest, can be set by certain handles. I will use a similar technique to determine the influence of the single FK controlls.

For me it is the easiest and also most clean way to work from top to bottom. So I started to the develop a strategy paper, to set all the different parts together. With help of this paper I can now start, building all the single elements in the right order and without forgetting, how it is placed in the whole system. Eventhough changes in the strategy will be shurely necessary it is much easier to implement them, if you have a good overview of your work.
Hopefully I can soon present the first rigging tests of my reference. :-)

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