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next to the bath tub


This sculpture is my first experiment with  super sculpey. In the beginning I was quite sceptic due to the health factor and it took a while to get used to the feeling of the texture and the necessity of wearing gloves. The unbelivable possibilities for detailes and of course the option to bake it convinced me though.

The final result is about 20cm long and has sadly no aluminium fillings. That makes the baking process usually much more complicated, since  either the small details get burned and crack or the core of the sculpture stays soft. Luckily I found a baking description by Casey Love, with a much longer baking process than usual. The result was a quite hard material without any cracks at all. So this seems definitly to be the way to go.

The baked version is simply colored in gray, but I am planning on other sculpting exercises in color.

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