classical Ecorche
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classical Ecorche

In order to get a deeper understanding of human anatomy I am working on a classical human ecorché with the support of my tutor Julia Dufek. An ecorché is a classical anatomy exercice. In the end you will build a proportionally ideal of a human skeleton, whereby on half of the body covered with muscles. You can find more informations and working examples here.

In the beginning it took a while to get into the process of measuring every single part of your work, instead of finding the form intuitively. But in the end this way to work is really rewarding: You stop decorating and beginn to understand the architecture and the proportion of a figure right at the core . Additionally I see a big difference in working digitally or with analoge techniques: mistakes in form and proportion a much faster obvious and since you have to work directly with your hands you can connect better to the forms and the learning effect is somewhat bigger.

This project is ment to be a long term project and will post the next few stages of my work in the next few months.

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